The Axe


“90-46-A USN Boarding Axe” by Naval History & Heritage Command is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Trevor Nothdurft, Reporter

The axe also known sometimes as a hatchet is in many video games and is mostly known for cutting logs. But what about its other uses and where it was first created and its history?

The first axe was made around 2.5 million years ago in the stone age. Axes have been used to this very day and have had many different ways of being made. They have been made in stone, copper, flint, iron and steel.

The axe has been used for cutting wood, hunting, skinning, digging, carving,  and combat. The axe is also used for a sport called axe throwing. Axe throwing is a sport were you throw a axe at a target and try to stick it into the bullseye like darts but instead of a dart its a axe.