Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13.0 Tennis Racquet

The New And Advanced Wilson Racquet!


Image Source: Wilson Sporting Goods promotional image.


By: Isaac Villa Marin, Journalist

Tennis Racquets have evolved over the years, increasing in power, spin effects, and aerodynamics. All with the help of engineering and physics. By adding another racquet to the Wilson collection, this racquet with the length of 27 inches or 68.6 centimeters and with its special strung weight of 11.2 oz. or 332 grams, is considered one of the top of its collection. This racquet is woven of graphite and other light but tough materials at a 45 degree which enhances feeling and stability to the swing and ground stroke. This racquet is quite made for precision but also is easy to find power in. It has the design in all black and even with Roger Federer’s signature. This racquet has also received great reviews from hundreds of thousands around the US. It is also considered to the heavy side of racquets which means it is a little harder to maneuver but has maximum precision. Tennis Racquets, such as everything, also have a history. They primarily were first made out of wood and were very tensioned, then it started changing, the more engineering technology grew the more they could tweak and innovate the racquets. Until finally they figure out how to make the material of the racquets very hard and durable but without it’s weight! Whit all of the different types of materials the differences are how much spin the ball gets, how much power, how heavy it is, how light it is, the precision of it, and the swing stroke you get with that specific racquet. As you may see, racquets have infinite variations and all count as the art of Engineering.