Perseverance Rover has arrived on Mars


Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter. Image Source: NASA

By: Oliver Singhvi, Writer

NASA’s  Mars rover called Perseverance recently landed on the Red Planet after a trip of nearly 3oo million miles. Perseverance was launched back in July 30, 2020. It is the first rover to land on mars in nearly 9 years. It landed on February 18th in the Jezero Crater and has been searching for signs of life ever since. This is an incredible success for NASA to get another rover to study Mars after the Opportunity rover lost contact just about 2 years ago.

Perseverance is also bringing some more advanced tech with it. It carries a helicopter known as Ingenuity that seeks to test out powered flight conditions on another planet. It will start the test flights once it reaches the right location. If the operation goes well, Ingenuity can become the first vehicle to successfully test powered flight on any other planet. The helicopter is preparing for the test flights right now, and hopes to make its first attempt on April 8th. It would be a major breakthrough for NASA if it succeeds, and this will go down as a historic month in space travel history.