Minecraft Dungeons – Bosses guide

《Minecraft: Dungeons》公佈 黑人法師大戰魔王、熊貓 by steamXO is marked with CC PDM 1.0

“《Minecraft: Dungeons》公佈 黑人法師大戰魔王、熊貓” by steamXO is marked with CC PDM 1.0

By: Christopher Haase, Reporter

When you’re playing Minecraft Dungeons, you can expect to find bosses in certain levels. These bosses have a ton of health, do a ton of damage, and most of them can spawn other mobs to help them. As you go through this list, you will notice that some of the bosses have a ‘most likely’ after when you will encounter them. This is because minecraft dungeons is looser than some other games in what order you have to play the levels.

The (most likely) first boss that you will encounter is the corrupt cauldron in soggy swamp. This boss doesn’t have much health compared to other bosses, and  can’t attack you directly, but it will spawn monsters around you while you attack it. The main monster it will spawn is a pink slime. These are cubes about the size of one block that launch little pink balls at you and damage you. The other thing it can do is spawn a ring of fire around it. This fire will deal high damage and, if you stay in it too long, will kill you.

The next boss you will encounter is the boss evoker in pumpkin pastures. It also has a miniboss form in obsidian pinnacle and highblock halls)  This boss has three attacks, the main two being to summon minions (if you played normal minecraft these are vexes), and to have a bunch of traps that look like wolf heads shoot out of the ground in a line towards you. The minions will deal substantial damage and won’t despawn when the evoker dies, so you do have to kill them. The traps will take out most of your health, but are easy to avoid if you keep moving. The evoker’s last attack is to summon a ring of traps around it that are fairly far away (around 5-6 blocks). These will do the same damage as it’s other traps, but if you keep moving towards it they won’t hit you.

The (again, most likely) next boss you will encounter is the redstone golem. This boss also has a miniboss form in redstone mines, highblock halls, and obsidian pinnicle (as well as other maps in adventure and apocalypse). This boss will run at you, as if to slam his fists into you. When he gets close enough to do that, he will start spawning mines around that will deal substantial damage. After he does that, if you haven’t moved or if you have gotten closer, he will swing his arms and damage and knock you back.

The next boss is the necromancer. This boss is found in the desert temple, and has three attacks. It’s first attack is to summon skeleton royal guards. These will spawn in a line in front of him and they will attack you. It’s second attack is to clone himself into four to five spots in the room. These will then preform it’s final attack which is to launch magic at you, which is a little cube that will deal damage to you. It can also launch the magic without doing either of it’s other attacks.

The next boss you will encounter is the redstone monstrosity. This boss has three attacks. It’s first attack is to spawn redstone cubes. These cubes will roll towards you and damage you when they touch you. They deal very high damage but have low health. It’s second attack is to spawn mines when it gets close to you, just like the redstone golem does. These mines, though, are bigger and deal more damage. After he spawns the mines, he will sometimes pound his fists into the ground and damage you and knock you back.

The next boss that you will encounter is one of two in obsidian pinnacle. This boss is the arch-illager. The arch-illager has fairly low health for a boss, but can teleport around and deals high damage. He can also summon vindicators to help him fight. When you defeat him, a new boss appears called the Heart Of Ender. This boss has extremely high damage, and has a ton of health, but it’s attacks are very predictable. When it first appears, it does nothing for a second. He then dives into the ground and a bunch of head-like things sprout from the ground. These will shoot lasers out of their mouths and deal high damage. When it stop shooting those, he pops up and launches a scattering of fireballs at you. When these land, they start fires on the ground that you should avoid at all costs. It will then shoot lasers in four directions and stat turning. These lasers will kill you very quickly if you don’t have potion barrier.

The mooshroom monstrosity is the secret boss found by unlocking the room in the back of the cathedral at camp. This boss will do the same attacks as the redstone monstrosity, except it will summon mooshrooms instead of redstone cubes, and it will launch mushrooms at you instead of spawning mines.