Apex Legends – BloodHound


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By: Lucas Riedel, Journalist

Bloodhound is one of the original characters in the apex games and recently got a massive buff to his kit. So first of all we need to talk about his passive which is called “Tracker” and this ability makes it so he can see if people have came threw or been in the place bloodhound is. The more darker red it is the most recently they have been there. His next ability is “Eye of The Alfather” and what this ability does is you scan a radius in front of you and every enemy in front of you will appear for a period of time. This ability is very useful because you can know exactly were the enemies are so you can easily kill them. Finally his ultimate ability “Beast Of The Hunt”. What this ability does is makes it so Bloodhound can run faster and all the enemy’s in his site are outlined in red. Next he can see all the footprints that people make if they were in that area before that. The last thing that he can do with his ult is his “Eye Of The Alfather” is on a shorter cool down and is reduced to 5 second and whenever bloodhound gets a kill with his ultimate the timer that he has the the ult adds time to it so the more kills you get the longer it lasts. So do you think that Bloodhound is a reliable legend in the apex arena. In my opinion I think that Bloodhound is up there with the best legends. This is related to engineering because they engineered the game so that Bloodhound could be a legend in the arena.

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