How To Make a Spare House Key

Learn How To Make A Spare House Key!


By: Aisha Telhan, Journalist

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you got locked out of your house with no other way inside but a key? Does the average human even have enough spare time to go to Home Depot and wait for 10 minutes all just to get a small key? In this article, you will be able to read/watch a video on how to make your own spare house key using engineering! This will save you a trip to the store!

Here are the materials you will need to build your own spare house key: scissors (make sure they aren’t cheap), CLEAR tape, the top of a metal can, a lighter, and the key you want copied

Below are the steps on how to build your own spare house key:

  1. Take the key you want to copy and place underneath the lighter to get a black coat on the part of the key you stick inside a lock.
  2. After step 1 is done, you must get a piece of clear tape and put it on top of the hot key and then peel it off to get the outline of the key on the tape.
  3. Put the tape of the outlined key on the top of a metal can
  4. Cut out the outline of the key and make sure you get the key shape precisely correct because this is the most important part of making your own spare house key.
  5. You are all done!

TIP: Make sure that when you use your spare key, you don’t turn the metal too fast. The metal from the tin can is very thin and can easily bend.

If your a visual learner like me, here below is a video of how to make your own spare house key:

Now you know how to make your own spare house key! You can go home and make one for yourself!

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