Samsung Buds Live

Source from samsung:

By: Jeffrey Campos, Journalist

The buds live is one of the newest truly wireless earbuds from samsung. It has an odd bean shaped design that goes in your ear. It looks a lot different from their previous wireless earbuds the samsung buds and buds plus. The ear buds lack ear tips so it won’t go in your canal and block background noise. But the Samsung buds live has a feature called noise cancellation which means it reduces the unwanted sounds by using active sound control, which the previous galaxy buds did not have. The Samsung buds last about 5 hours in a single charge with noise cancelling enabled and 8 hours without it.  You can go 2.5 cycles with the earbuds before the case dies. The earbuds have a ip rating of x2 water resistant so with a little sweat from a workout wouldn’t do any harm to it but go out in pouring rain or swimming with it in a pool then you would expect the end from them.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review