What are Earbuds Made Out Of?

What are Earbuds Made Out Of?

By: Ren Brown

Most people have ear buds when they want to listen to music or watch a video or a movie. Have you ever taken a closer look inside these little buds? If not you’ll finally see whats inside them and have a better idea of how they work.

Most average earbuds have a back case, which holds the main frame together. The back case lets the wires run down the bottom of it. We also have a front case, this part face the ear. Sometimes the front case has material to protect the inside of the bud from getting dirty. Between the front case and the back case there is a seal that holds them together.

Next we have the wires. The wires are usually coated with a protective layer, underneath the layer is copper. The magnet is next. The magnet is located on the back of the speaker and takes up most of the earbuds weight.

Finally we have the coil and transparent plastic cone. The coil becomes an electromagnet when electricity flows through. When the transparent plastic cone moves it makes the sound.