3D Printed Earbuds


By: Muhammad Qattoum

To make 3D printed earbuds the first things we will need to get is the tools


  • Computer
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Soldering Pen
  • Q- Tips
  • 1 tube of Super Glue

Now it’s time to create your parts. First, you can do this on VisualSFM. You can access VisualSFM on your computer. Once you open VisualSFM, go on your blender tool to create your parts. When you are done with your parts you need to print them out using a 3D printer. After printing, you are ready to put it together. You are going to get a wire and then gently attach it to the plastic. Next, add your speakers, and then add an aux to your wire. Once you do all that, you are done!!

. Image result for earbuds

This relates to engineering because it involves building and making something in this project and following the steps of the Engineering design process to research, create, and evaluate the product you make.