Babel Fish Earbuds


Ear buds which can translate foreign languages sound like something out of a science fiction book, and they are. These ear buds, known as Babel fish ear buds, derive their name from the critically acclaimed book, “A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”. In this book there is a type of fish called babel fish, which when put in a person’s year can translate a foreign language in to that person’s native language. These ear buds function similarly as those fish, except that they are ear buds and can only translate human languages, instead of intergalactic ones. The ear buds are utilized in the following way, a person, let’s say an English speaker says something into their phone to let’s say a French speaker. The ear buds translate the message in to French. After receiving the message in French, the French speaker can speak in to the phone in french. The English speaker will then hear the message in French.


This relates to engineering as engineers made the product itself. Engineers can now also discuss their ideas on a more international level as they can hear the ideas of engineers from all around the globe. Finally engineers can use the design of these headphones to create bigger and more ambitious projects meant to bring the world together.