Wireless earbuds


By: Tamanno Alimova

Wireless earbuds are the new hot thing that everyone loves. They are one of the most useful things anyone has ever created. They are so much more comfortable now that they’re wireless. You don’t have to worry about the cord always getting stuck somewhere or just making you uncomfortable in general. You can now move around where ever you want and not have to worry about the cord being too short.

Wireless earbuds are related to engineering because of the technology the engineers used to create the wireless earbuds. A lot of different engineers came together, put all their ideas into one and created this amazing product.

So how do these wireless earbuds work? What makes it possible for us to use them without the cord? Well, first of all most are connected to your devises through Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows devices to communicate or share data wirelessly. Wireless earbuds work by connecting through a radio or infrared signal.  Devices with bluetooth technology, has a computer chip that contains the Bluetooth radio, and software that connects your devises. When devises that have Bluetooth are near each other, like your cell phone and earbuds, they connect. When they have connected, that lets you talk on the phone or listen to music wirelessly.

Wireless earbuds are used by millions of people everyday, for work, or for their personal amusement. for eaxample: They are perfect for people that go to the gym, you could worry about your workout instead of that annoying wire that hangs around, getting in your way. Some people even sometimes are so uncomfortable with their earbuds that they blast their music from the speaker. Which can be so irritating for some people because most people might not be into the same music as them. So, these wireless earbuds are the perfect solution, both comfortable for you, and those around you.