Robot Umpires Being Tested In Atlantic League

Umpries walking onto the field. License Attribution Some rights reserved by mark6mauno

By: Lucas Riedel, Journalist

Baseball has been wondering about this but just recently it had come to play in the Atlantic leagues. Know it had been popping up in other leagues but the MLB followed the initial testing in the Arizona fall league. It works by a thing called “Track Man” and it sits up above home plate and it looks like black box if your far away from it. It works by when the ball crosses home plate there is a strike zone that the Track Man has that will tell the umpire whether it’s a strike or a ball with a ear piece in the umpires ear. Also it automatically sets a different strike zone for different sizes so a 5′-7″ person will have a smaller strike zone and a 6′-7″ guy would have a bigger strike zone. The only downside is if the ball hits the ground but then ends up in the strike zone off the bounce that Track Man will consider that a strike because it ended up in the strike zone.

This is related to engineering because they used engineering to build the Track Man and they used the engineering design processes to build and use it.

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