Artefact’s VR Hoodie is a wearable gaming console.

Until now, virtual reality headsets were rather ugly. The user thinks it’s really cool, but to others, there’s just a  box protruding from your head that you are waving around recklessly. This problem was fixed by the technology company Artefact, which designed a hoodie that immerses the wearer in virtual reality. The strings that tighten the hood have sensors that allow them to be used as controls for whatever game you are playing. There is a screen on the outside of the hoodie that lets other people look at what you are seeing.

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Artefact was faced with a problem: the inelegance of current virtual reality headsets. They thought of hiding the headset under something people usually wear on their heads, a hood. Their final solution is a more streamlined headset that looks awesome, not just on the inside, to the user, but to everyone nearby. Undoubtedly, this is an example of engineering.