#BikeRack Planning and P.O. Order


We were given the challenge to construct a multi bike pulley bike rack, and there was no such thing on Amazon. This is why we decided to make one of our own, out of many different materials. There were single bike pulleys, but they had a weight limit of 100 lbs. Our bike rack is going to have a limit of 4 tons. It will be made of two pulleys, and each one can hold up to two tons. Each pulley has two hooks, one on the top, and one attached to the pulley chain that will be lowered. There are two Crosby eye hooks with rings, these will attach to the clips that are on top of the pulleys. The eye hooks will be drilled into the ceiling. There are two other eye hooks that will be drilled into a wooden 4″ by 4″. These will connect the wood to the moving pulley hooks. We made sure that the eye hooks are also rated for 2 tons, so that we can take advantage of this high weight limit and use it to its’ maximum potential. We will get these parts  off of Amazon, except for the eye hooks, which we got from the USCC, or the United States Coastal Control. We will get pictures soon, so that it is easier to visualize what we are trying to create.