Sgnl The Watch


Ever imagine of talking to someone without using your phone? The Sgnl is a wearable device that allows you to talk to someone. In order for it work, the device allows you to touch your finger to your ear without using a phone. As, the sounds are transmitted from your hand as it creates vibrations to use for sound. The device was created by Samsung’s C-Lab. The features of Sgnl is, it can store up to five contacts, plastic body that covers the device, and a dark stainless-steel strap. Also, there is a microphone inside the band which allows you to have a conversion with the person on the other line. The band is a smart watch scrap that lets you put in any watches. In addition, the Sgnl can be a fitness tracker as it measures how many steps you have walk , distance, and calorie consumption. The cost of the Sngl is $249 as it can be used for four hours each day. The Sgnl is one of the newest devices created by Samsung’s C-Lab.

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In my opinion, this is related to engineering because, the creators have to cooperate with each other to create the Sgnl. Therefore, they could’ve encountered mistakes and errors while in the process. As, they work together to fix the mistakes and error while creating the device. Engineers will have to program the Sgnl for it to work.