Bose Headphones/ hearing aids

Bose Headphones/ hearing aids

By: Kashaf Baig

Bose earbuds aren’t only headphones, they are hearing aids too. With these headphones you can amplify  and reduce real world sounds. Now, you can hear quieter sounds louder and louder sounds can sound quieter.


Those headphones were made to be used in noisy environments. However they can be on when ever you like.  You can also listen to music, attend calls, and be able to cancel sound completely by using the principles of constructive and destructive interference which means sending out the same sound waves that are occurring in the environment and either counteracting or amplifying those sounds. With this device you need to download an app to function the headphones.

Bose Hearphones Earbuds Can Double As Hearing Aids In Noisy Environments

This relates to engineering because it was created off a design for another use. Then the Bose company added sound control on headphones. They did research on the idea, designed the idea, then created the design.