Is Hacking Viable if it Helps Others?

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By: Aaron Seide, Journalist

There were very few people that found a hack for it, so they could accumulate a surmountable amount of points. Of course. Most of us thought it was wrong for us to do that, but on the other What is Binary?hand, we were practically able to feed whole villages if we left the program running all night. Around 127,000 rice over 7 hours of run time.

It was a bit of a controversial topic because we all think hacking is wrong, but doing it for a purpose that benefits everyone is another thing. Not just benefiting the country and hacking other countries.

Free rice donates free rice to starving people who really need it depending on your point amount. Does this justify hacking the console? Yes because it benefits you and everyone else. You get first on the leaderboard, and starving people get a meal to eat for once. I believe it is good for the right reasons yes.

However, if hacking is used for bad intentions, such as crashing google and affecting server vision in America then that is very unjustified. Hacking is a very complex thing to learn about and use. If you hold this power, you must not get tempted by prizes to do the wrong thing. Stay on the good side.