Qoobo Therapy Robot



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 Have you ever wanted to pet a robotic dog or cat? Well, the Qoobo is a cushion-shaped robot that is meant to use for therapy. It was develop by Japanese firm Yukai Engineering. The more you pat on the robot, the more it wags on it’s tail. When patting it, the Qoobo reacts to it just like a cat. Therefore, the price for it is $100 and has an eight-hour battery life. Sometimes, it can wag just to say hello, since it mimics the movements of an animal’s tail. It comes in two colors husky gray and french brown. The Qoobo is a robot that helps with therapy.


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In my opinion, this is related to engineering because engineers have to programmed the robot to mimics an animal’s movement. Therefore, there were errors and mistakes while developing the Qoobo. So, they have to design a program and the robot itself.