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a video game console sitting on top of a desk

Why The Xbox Series S Is Better Than The Xbox One

By: Erickson Estrada Amaya, Journalist
Today I will be talking about the new-gen console the Xbox series S and the last-gen console the Xbox one and why the Xbox series S is better.
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black game controller on black surface

How The PlayStation 4 And The Xbox One Controllers & Consoles Are Different

By: Erickson Estrada Emaya, Journalist
So as you may know the Xbox one and the ps4 are a little similar but today i will be talking about how they are different.
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black xbox one console with controller

Xbox Series X

By: Pedro Martinez , Journalist
The X Box Series X is one of the most popular gaming consoles.
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Xbox One Armed Forces Stereo Headset 01 by Major Nelson is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Xbox Wireless Headset

By: Adam Mokatrin, Journalist
This new technology can change the world of headsets.
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What the Xbox scarlet might look like.

Console vs PC Gaming

By: Abdulrahman Alrisheh, Reporter

The newest generation consoles, including the PS5 and Xbox series X, are undeniably both very powerful for consoles. They can run every game at very high FPS. On the other hand, PCs (personal computers)...

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Playstation vs X-Box

PS5 vs Xbox Series X – Which is Better?

By: Noah Hamid, Journalist
The Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 are the forthcoming next-gen games consoles from Microsoft and Sony, set to deliver more ambitious and graphically impressive gaming experiences than ever before.
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