Why The Xbox Series S Is Better Than The Xbox One

Reason’s Why The Xbox Series S Is More Higher Quality And Just Better than The Xbox One



By: Erickson Estrada Amaya, Journalist

I’m sure everyone knows about the new-gen console the Xbox series s or the Xbox series x but we will be talking about the s people should obviously know the last-gen console the Xbox One but the real question is which one is better so that’s what we’re going to find out. Alright, so starting off the Xbox series s is lighter and smaller than the Xbox One so you have more room to place the Xbox but the Xbox One on the other hand is not really heavy buts it is not light either, and its more bigger than the series s so there limited places to put it. Speaking of placement both the consoles can be placed vertically and it depends on where you’re placing the console the s is smaller so its perfect for small areas the Xbox One can also be vertical but it could possibly fall over and you wouldn’t want that and it takes up more space so the series s is better for placement. Also, the quality is way better on the series s, and the Xbox One is way slower even when signing and especially if you playing games that take up a lot of space, for example, GTA 5, if you are playing on the Xbox one loading in is just dreadful and the actual game is just so laggy even if you have 5 GHz while on the series s you loading is so much faster it takes like under 30 seconds to load in. The Xbox series s also has more features than the Xbox One on the series s you have features like FPS boost which you can probably guess it increases the number of frames per second but it works for games that have low frames and it makes it look nice and smoother which is always nice. Not only that but the series s also has quick resume which makes it so if you’re playing a game and you leave to play another game but then go back to the game that you were playing it will put you where you left off it’s very neat for single player game. The only real downsides to the series s are space and not being able to use disk but no one buys disk games anymore and having 300 GB on the series s and while the Xbox One had like a terabyte of space or 500 GB but the space loss is not that bad as long as you don’t download games that are like 200 GB. Speaking of games the series s possibly downloads games faster than the Xbox One which I wouldn’t be surprised with how more advanced the series s is. there are a lot more reasons why the Xbox series s is better than the Xbox One but if I put them all into this article it would be so long so ill just leave it here but yeah the Xbox series s is just better.