Console vs PC Gaming

The finale PC vs Console

What the Xbox scarlet might look like.

What the Xbox scarlet might look like.

By: Abdulrahman Alrisheh, Reporter

The newest generation consoles, including the PS5 and Xbox series X, are undeniably both very powerful for consoles. They can run every game at very high FPS. On the other hand, PCs (personal computers) are also very powerful for gaming.


The difference is that a PC gamer has more games and options to look through, including PS5 games and Xbox series X inclusive like Halo. A PC also can be used for many other things other than gaming. The main difference between Console and PC gaming is that you play with a controller on the console, and with a PC, you use a keyboard and mouse.  Now you can connect a keyboard and mouse to a console such as a PS5 and Xbox series X, and the same thing applies with a PC where you can connect a controller to it. Some classic gamers prefer to use a TV for their consoles, but other competitive gamers use a monitor for their gaming experience. A TV is essentially a bigger monitor, but using a TV as a monitor for a PC gamer can be overwhelming since most TVs are huge!

Streaming and Content Creation

On the social side, like Youtube and Twitch, streaming and recording on a pc is a lot simpler and easier than a console, and you can’t really stream on a console with an Elgato or some screen recorder take the footage to a computer. Editing, editing is a major part of Youtube to make your videos pop out and more entertaining. You can’t edit on a console, so PC wins for the social media/ content creation side!

Prices for consoles

A console usually is under 1000 USD, but the newer gen consoles are a hefty price because of all the insane specs and parts that go into one. A PS5 with a disk slot is $499.99 at best buy. The digital version is $399.99. The Xbox series x is the same price as the disk version.

Prices for PCs

A pre-built pc could be any price from $500 and up. A custom-built pc is on the pricier side since you get to determine what specs and accessories you can use and add to. A custom-built is usually $1000 and up for a decent pc.


In the end, it depends on what person you are, like a streamer, chill gamer, budget, hardcore gamer, etc. So it comes down to who you are.