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Why Apple Skipped iPhone 9

Why Apple Skipped iPhone 9

The iPhone 9 is something that people don't talk about. Apple skipped the iPhone 9, but why I am here to tell you. The iPhone 9 was out for testing, but that's it. Unfortunately, the iPhone 9 would explode....

Bleach Coming Back 2021

If you don't already know what bleach it's a show about a teenager named Ichigo Korusaki. Ichigo Korusaki becomes a soul reaper.  When a spirit named Rukia appears in her room. As a young child, Ichigo...

Elegoo Arduino Uno R3 Fade Project

How to build the Elegoo Arduino Uno R3 "Fade" project.

Why Marvel Spider-Man Is Gonna Be Awesome

Marvel Spider-Man 3 is the sequel of Spider-Man 2, "Far from Home". 

JUMP FESTA 2021(Naruto Panel)

Jump Festa is basically the comic con of anime so if you're not a anime fan then you are probably not interested or you just didn't.

Why You Should Watch Naruto

I'm sure You've heard a show called Naruto, if you don't know what Naruto is let me explain it without any spoilers. Naruto is a Show about a boy who lost his parents when he was born, When his...

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