Why Apple Skipped iPhone 9

The iPhone 9 is something that people don’t talk about. Apple skipped the iPhone 9, but why I am here to tell you. The iPhone 9 was out for testing, but that’s it. Unfortunately, the iPhone 9 would explode. So they gave up on it.

Apple didn’t adopt sequential numeric names for the iPhone until the 4.

The fact that the third-generation model was called the 3GS was really just a coincidence.
Now we all know Apple didn’t backtrack and release an iPhone 2 just for the sake of filling that number gap, and the same might happen with the iPhone 9.

Apple just announced its iPhone X.  While the iPhone 8 is an iPhone 7S in all but name, the number jump across all the new iPhone models means we’re now officially missing an iPhone 9. Apple’s typical S naming is gone for this year at least, which isn’t entirely surprising.