Bleach Coming Back 2021


If you don’t already know what bleach it’s a show about a teenager named Ichigo Korusaki. Ichigo Korusaki becomes a soul reaper.  When a spirit named Rukia appears in her room. As a young child, Ichigo could always see spirits.  Note that seeing spirits is an ability of soul reapers, which is why Rukia was surprised when Ichigo could see her. After that, a Monster-like creature named a Hallow appeared.  Hallows are evil monster-like spirits that have been eaten by other hallows. Rukia’s Job as a Soul reapers is to stop the hallows from eating the human souls. But when she tries to save Ichigo from an attack, she gets injured badly. The only way to defeat the hallow was that Rukia transfers her power into Ichigo. Ichigo gets the power and is Transformed into a Soul Reaper. So that’s The origin of Ichigo Powers or Soul reaper ability.

Watch the show.  It’s a great show to start your anime journey.

But back to the article…

It was announced by Viz Media, after eight long years, the Bleach anime is returning! In the recent issue of Jump Magazine in Japan, it was revealed that creator Tite Kubo’s popular Shonen series will return in 2021. The anime will cover the “Thousand-Year Blood War,” which begins in Chapter 480 of the manga.  And it will go to the end of the series in Chapter 686. Bleach will be returning soon. Don’t miss out.