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I’m sure You’ve heard a show called Naruto, if you don’t know what Naruto is let me explain it without any spoilers. Naruto is a Show about a boy who lost his parents when he was born, When his parents died  They sealed a Demon Fox inside of him, The demon Fox or The 9 tails  what the village called him(demon fox) Was manipulated by someone, you come to learn that person through out the show . it was an attack on the hidden leaf village. Naruto parents sacrifice there life for the village and their kid .

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You come to learn the boy who has the demon fox is the main character of the Story Naruto Uzumaki. What the demon does inside of Naruto is give him charka. The 9 tails is a Tailed beast, also tailed beast  give a lot of charka to the jinjurki

(A person with a tailed beast like Naruto)

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(Charka)which is just Energy in our world .Naruto has the 9 tails, There are 9 tail beast (Theirs is  a 1 tail,2 tails and so on till the 9 tail)The 9 tails is the strongest out of the 9 tail beast. Naruto life in the village is terrible but it gets better through out time, Why you may ask he gets discriminated for being a jinjurki, because the village were scared of him because of the beast inside him so they treated him like a nuisance. Naruto would always be avoided which is why he was lonely and Talk to like trash .When  His father sealed the 9 tails inside of Naruto to save the village, plus he believed that his son could control the power of the 9 tails . His father also intercepted that the masked man he fought to protect the  village from the 9 tails was going to play a big part in the future which is why he sealed the 9 tails in Naruto so Naruto could protect the Ninja World. This is a Naruto description(Without spoilers)  Remember there are 720 Episodes Within(Naruto and Naruto Shippuden). I hope you enjoy the Show.