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Kingii Inflatable Wristband

Kingii Inflatable Wristband

It is always scary when you go swimming in the ocean or in a deep pool because you never know if you're going to drown. Now, with the Kingii Inflatable Wristband, you can enjoy swimming in the ocean without...

ice cream

Slow-Melting Ice Cream

In the summer, you eat ice cream to cool off, but it always melts too fast because of the heat. Now, with this new found protein, you can enjoy your ice cream in the heat of summer. BsIA was founded...


Scorkl Mini-Scuba Tank

With the Scorkl Mini-Scuba Tank, you can breathe underwater with total freedom. Although small scuba tanks are already a thing, this tank is refillable with just a floor pump! With a couple of pumps,...


Ploota: The Inflatable Life Jacket

Multiple people use life jackets to safe them from drowning, but life jackets can be very uncomfortable. Ploota, however, isn't. Ploota is a inflatable life jacket that deploys when it senses drowning...


Snorelax – The Anti-Snoring Adhesive Strip

Multiple people try to use different devices to stop their snoring, such as nose plugs, masks, and mouth pieces. None of them have worked effectively and are uncomfortable, until Snorelax was invented....


ZipStitch: The Miracle Bandage

ZipStitch is a bandage that allows you to close medium-sized wounds without getting any stitches. ZipStitch is "the only surgical-quality wound closure device available without a prescription." It allows...

EpiWear Syringe Watch!

EpiWear Syringe Watch!

Biomedical major students at Rice University have made a fold-able epinephrine device for those with allergies. This is only a prototype, they say, made by a 3D printer and plastic materials. The...

Bose Frames: Sunglasses With Speakers

Bose Frames: Sunglasses With Speakers

Earlier this year, Bose released the "Bose Frames." Bose Frames are sunglasses that have speakers inside of them. They connect to your device through Bluetooth. There are two models of the sunglasses;...

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