Kingii Inflatable Wristband

Kingii Inflatable Wristband

It is always scary when you go swimming in the ocean or in a deep pool because you never know if you’re going to drown. Now, with the Kingii Inflatable Wristband, you can enjoy swimming in the ocean without the fear of drowning.

The Kingii Inflatable Wristband includes a CO2 tank that is attached to a wristband. To activate the tank, pull on the trigger and the orange safety bag will inflate. It can hold up to 275 pounds.

The wristband includes a wrist clap to ensure that it will stick to your wrist, a built-in compass, and a whistle to call for help.

This relates to engineering because scientists had to test if the CO2 tank worked and to determine what weight it could up to. The scientists also had to research how to attach the CO2 tank to the wristband and how it would stay there.

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