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Lightning, while scary and dangerous, is a beautiful sight. Many people ask, “How is lightning created, and how does it light up in the sky?”

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power comes from splitting atoms, such as Uranium, in a reactor to heat water and then make steam.


Tsunami waves can travel up to 500 miles an hour while out at sea and when they hit the continental slope near shore typically slow to 20-30 miles an hour.

5 New Weird SMART Devises

Find out about new and quirky SMART devises that will most definitely shock you!
Password Door Lock using Elegoo and Tinkercad

Password Door Lock using Elegoo and Tinkercad

In this project, we will be building and coding a password screen and lock system. This is one of the more advanced projects but still easily achievable.

Curiosity Rover

The Curiosity rover is a rover, funded and built by NASA scientists and engineers. It is the longest-lasting rover ever sent to Mars.
Turning on a motor fan using Elegoo starter kit.

Turning on a motor fan using Elegoo starter kit.

The purpose of this experiment is to build and control a motor fans spin speed.
Ellis, Claire. “Self-Flying Planes and the Future of Air Travel.” Self-Flying Planes and the Future of Air Travel, www.aircharter.co.uk/about-us/news-features/blog/self-flying-planes-and-the-future-of-air-travel.

Self Flying Planes and the Future of Air Travel

This flying taxi as of January 2021, has been tested to the point of taking off and landing back down.

Covid-19 Human Detector Using Tinkercad Circuits Elegoo

This piece of machinery is one part of a COVID-19 detector.

Elegoo Arduino Uno R3-Tempature Sensor Project – Engineering Notebook

This is a great project for new engineering students!

3-D Printed Clothes

Three-dimensional printing has changed our way of life by making things from kitchen appliances to human organs. Recently fashion designers have unveiled to the public 3D printed shoes and dresses. These...

Gorilla Eating

Gorillas Can Sing?

Did you know humans aren’t the only animals that hum while they work? Gorillas will sing their own Gorilla tunes and hum happily. Some Gorillas will hum a low sound close to the sound humans make, but...

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