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Fly Fishing Vs. Traditional Fishing

Which is better: fly or regular

The main difference between the two types of fishing is the gear. Fly fishing requires a bendier rod and a special type of reel, and it also uses a special casting technique where you wave it around before casting it to get more lines out. This works because the line is weighted, not the lure, which is the biggest difference between the two. The line is weighted so that the flies (bait) can sit on the surface. This helps imitate an actual fly – how they sit on the surface. Also, fly rods can’t use live bait, which is sometimes used in regular fishing.

Regular fishing gear is a lot more universal and it has a cheaper starting cost. Regular fishing is easier to learn because you only need to know how to tie a simple knot and cast. You can use worms from your garden that are free as bait. With fly fishing, you need to learn complicated knots and casting, and you need to find baits that are good for the area or river you are going to fish in.

Fly fishing is mainly used to catch trout, however, it can also be used to catch other fish in rivers because fly fishing is mainly used in rivers.

Regular fishing can catch almost every type of fish and it can be used anywhere, such as lakes, ponds, and rivers. Regular fishing also can be used to catch larger fish because the rod is more durable and the line is stronger.

If you are starting, you should probably do regular fishing and not fly fishing because regular fishing is cheaper and easier to learn. But, if you like regular fishing a lot, you should try fly fishing because it’s very fun and different and it can help you grow your overall fishing skills by learning how to use a different technique.


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