The Hoover Dam: an engineering masterpiece

The Hoover dam is the largest dam in the U.S.


By: Ebenezer Gudissa, Journalist

One of the most iconic structures that borders between Nevada and Arizona is the Hoover Dam. This architectural marvel serves as a bridge across the the Colorado River, providing energy to states near and plays a hug role in controlling flooding. Not only does it generate enough power for the desert city, Las Vegas,  to this day the Hoover Dam makes enough power for 1.3 million people yearly.

Although the idea was made in a world economic crisis, the Great Depression did not stop the U.S. from building it in 1931. It also gave lots of opportunities for companies to win the construction contract, this also gave relief to people who set up camp next to the site for a chance to help. However many laborers would not see the dam be completed because of carbon monoxide and pneumonia to be the cause.

This architectural did not come at ease it took a long processes to make the Hoover Dam.  The Colorado river bed is made up of loose sand and gravel so they needed a solution for constructing the dam’s foundation to be planned. Workers dug down to reach solid rock atop which the foundation was then built.

The Hoover Dam serves further purposes than just holding back water and looking majestic while at it. In addition to casing a hydroelectric power plant, the levee provides irrigation water to the growers in the southwest. Several innovative technologies were incorporated to make the levee effective. The waterway designed to conduct redundant water down from the levee and help damage to its structure is a fine illustration.

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