Effects Of Music Therapy

Music therapy is a great way to stimulate and heal your brain



By: Camryn Swift, Journalist

What is music therapy? It is exactly what it sounds like, using music in a therapeutic way. Musical therapy can range from listening to composing pieces and is being used everywhere. The therapy is used in disorders such as Depression, Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, substance abuse, ect. There is a misconception that music and cure these disorders, and despite being false, it can highly improve quality of life.

How does music therapy help? Music can do different things for different people, but the overall effect is improvement in memory, reduce stress,  lower blood pressure, improve self-esteem, and help with coping. Music therapist will work with people from all different backgrounds, not just the sick. Many people already use music to cope with struggles in life but did you know that that is considered music therapy? Listening to music to get through something is subconsciously using music therapy. Experts in the field will prescribe certain music to listen to or make but using  music therapy on your own can still have benefits.

Artist such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift are shown to have enjoyable and effective songs. These nationwide artist have heavily have benefited their fanbase and music therapy users. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed, try music therapy to relieve your stress.