Hytale Weekly Screenshot 1/22/21

Image source: https://twitter.com/hytale

Image source: https://twitter.com/hytale

By: Tomi Vacca, Journalist

Image Source: https://twitter.com/Hytale/status/1352662028830334989/photo/1

In keeping with their schedule, the Hytale team released another screenshot on Twitter. This screenshot shows an interesting scene where zone 2 (the Howling sands) meets zone 2 (the Emerald Grove). The first notable thing in the image is a sleeping saber tooth cat that can be spotted on the left bank of the river beneath a palm tree. Another cool thing in this image is the light from the torch in the player’s hand. In my opinion it seems a little bright, but all in all still great. Then there’s the very large moon, which looks pretty cool. In the background, there is also an impala walking along in the night. Another beautiful image to satiate our unending hunger for the release of this amazing game.