War robots – How To Get Through Silver League

“Griffin.” War Robots Alt Wiki, 2015, war-robots-alt.fandom.com/wiki/Griffin.

“Griffin.” War Robots Alt Wiki, 2015, war-robots-alt.fandom.com/wiki/Griffin.

By: Christopher Haase, Reporter

In War Robots, you have different leagues, and you can move up and down in them by getting honor points and trophies. Honor points determine how many trophies you get, and you can get a negative amount of trophies but not negative honor points. Silver league is where players generally start to see some more advanced bots, such as bots that you must use components to get. Players here most likely don’t have more than one or two component bots, but those one or two can be very deadly to the other team.

Five bots that are good to have in a well-rounded hangar for silver league that are not component bots are Natasha, Leo, Gareth, Stalker, and Griffin. Natasha is a good sniper bot, with low speed, high health, and two heavy slots. It also has two light slots, and a good setup could be Trebuchet and gekko, or if you can’t get that, kang dae and molots. Molots don’t do so well after silver though, so you may want to switch to a better light sniper.

Leo is a very good brawler, with the highest base health of any robot in the game, but it does not have an ability or defense points. With one heavy slot and three light slots, the Leo can walk up to enemies and, using good close-range weapons, can destroy them very easily. A good setup without component weapons for the Leo is thunder/gust, but thunder/magnum and thunder/pinata works as well.

Gareth is a good beacon runner, but can also serve as a light fighter. It can run in and out of a battle without taking damage because its shield will absorb it all. It is very vulnerable to rocket weapons, such as pinata or pin, as the splash damage can go through the shield. Also, missile weapons such as  spiral or aphid are very hard to block. A good setup on the gareth would be taran/magnum, as you could fire the taran at the enemy and deal large amounts of damage, and the magnum could be used forever because it never has to reload. Punisher T/Punisher would also work, but that is more of a close-range brawler setup, and the gareth doesn’t do well in long combat.

The stalker serves a similar function as the gareth does. It can also run into battle without taking much damage, but this is because of the stealth ability that it has. When in stealth, the stalker cannot be locked onto by enemy targeting systems, and because enemies cannot aim up or down manually, this means that the stalker can, for the most part, avoid damage. Magnums work well on the Stalker, but pinatas or pins also work.

Griffin is a very mobile bot, but it also has a high amount of health, and is the only non-component robot to have a legendary pilot with a skill that goes with it. Adam O’leary is a legendary pilot that you can hire that shortens the griffin’s ability’s cooldown. This allows the griffin to jump more often, which is a very useful thing. With two medium and two light weapons, the griffin can work with molot T/molot as a long-range build, punisher T/punisher as a medium range build, or even taran/magnum as a medium range build.

These five robots will help you get to silver league, but getting beyond it will almost certainly require components. If you are skilled enough with your robots or have very high level robots, though, you can make it to gold league without components.