Nanobots And Healthcare


Nanobots may be the future of our healthcare. The development of nanobots potentially could help fight chronic diseases such as cancer. Advances in nanotechnology could change our entire healthcare system. How do you think the world can change with nanotechnology?

Continued innovations to nanotechnology and nano-medicine could lead to treatment of harmful diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Scientists are using nano-medicines to increase the prevention of sicknesses by using substances to trigger immune responses. Nanobots can be put into the nervous system to check pulse and brainwave activities in a patient.

An image of nanobots on blood cells.

Since the advantages of nanobots and nano-medicines are huge, many companies are putting in cash to develop and research them. The nano-medicine market has been boosted because of the companies investing in the industry.

This relates to engineering because the researchers and scientists had to manufacture these nanobots. They also had to research and find information about nanotechnology. They have a problem and they are trying to solve it with the advances of nanotechnology from their research. Engineers have to research extensively and have to identify their problem as well.

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