Galaxy Buds: The One to Rival The AirPods


Credit From PCMag

The Galaxy Buds is the one to compete with Apple’s AirPods. The Galaxy Buds cost $129.99, which is much less than AirPods, which cost $199.99. TO start, the Galaxy buds come in three colors: yellow, black, and white. It also has about six hours of battery life, and the Galaxy Bud’s case has wireless charging and the Samsung-exclusive feature PowerShare. PowerShare allows you to get power from the Galaxy s10 series. Some problems with the Galaxy Buds are that they look bland, with no character and that the built-in microphone is pretty bad. The microphone is in you ear, so the sound from your mouth is very faint and distant. Compared to the AirPods, the Galaxy Buds are a good way to experience the same quality of music at a lower price. In conclusion, the Galaxy Buds cost 129.99 dollars and come in three colors. They do everything perfectly, but their microphone quality leaves much to be desired. Overall, the Galaxy Buds a great way to listen to music on an Android device.

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