Levi x Google $350 “Smart Jacket”


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Google and Levi Strauss have partnered to make a “smart jacket”. It’s a $350 denim jacket branded as “Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google”. It is the first product of a two-year-long collaboration between the two companies that started back in May 2015. Levi and google had the intention of making a pair of “smart jeans”. The idea was to use a newly designed conductive fabric to allow the garment to send data and power without the need for wires. The jacket includes a “smart tag”, which is a smart watch without the watch; The smart watch lights up in various colors, vibrates Levi and google when receiving notifications, can be tapped to issue commands, and is the hub of the jacket. It takes touch inputs from your hand and translate them into input controls for your smartphone. Those controls include music playback and some simple navigation pings within Google Maps, among other tricks.

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The “smart watch” lighting up

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