Chemicals Known to Kill the O-Zone Found in the O-Zone


By: anneke dejong


For decades we’ve used a chemical called chlorofluorocarbons in things like aerosol cans without knowing it had any effect on the environment. In the 1970’s scientists realized this had a terrible effect on the environment and found and an alternate solution, simply outlawing them. In 2010 and beyond everyone has just all together stopped using things with that chemical in them. Although people have stopped using them, scientists found that they’re still being released into the O-Zone. There are many reasons for this increase of chlorofluorocarbons in the O-Zone, like buildings being demolished and simply just old cans of aerosol or perfumes, but that wouldn’t make that big of an increase. Scientists came to the conclusion that somewhere, someone is making more CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) and releasing them into the atmosphere.

This relates to engineering because we could engineer something to either see where the CFC’s are coming from or somehow extract them from the ecosystem. This also relates to the world because if the ozone layer weakens then it’ll affect the climates in all parts of the world.