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Apple Starts Reforestation Fund to Eliminate CO2

Apple's new initiative to go carbon neutral by 2030.

The End of Internet Explorer

Microsoft is finally getting rid of one of its most criticized products: Internet Explorer. They announced that they will end their support for IE 11 on June 15, 2022. Microsoft will now be working solely on Microsoft Edge.

Double Decker Airplane Cabins

The Crystal Cabin Awards, awards for the most innovative airplane cabin designs, are given yearly to new and unique cabin designs. This year's competition features two designs that incorporate a double-decker cabin.

This Apple Watch Can Detect COVID-19

Can a watch detect Covid-19? It sure can!

Does Elon Musk Control The Financial Market?

Can Elon Musk move the market with his tweets?

Apple’s New Mixed Reality Headset

This new headest will have 8K displays and cost more than $3,000! With more than 12 cameras, it has technology from "spatial audio" to LiDAR sensors.
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