Double Decker Airplane Cabins


“dual level cabin” – CNN Travel

By: Luv Udeshi, Journalist

The Crystal Cabin Awards, awards for the most innovative airplane cabin designs, are given yearly to new and unique cabin designs. This year’s competition features two designs that incorporate a double-decker cabin.

Dual-Level Cabin:

The dual-level cabin is a double-decker that features alternating heights of seats. It allows passengers to stretch out their legs without bothering the person in front of them, who is at a higher or lower level. This design also allows passengers a bit more space.

Up In The Clouds:

“Up in the Clouds” is a design that features an additional space for passengers to retreat to. This new space is above the normal seats and allows passengers to sleep and sit more comfortably than in their seats. By buying these “Cloud Capsules,” passengers in Economy can recreate the experience of a business class seat.