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Autonomous Cars

Have you ever wished the car you are driving could drive itself without any effort coming from you at all? In the 1980s, most would've thought this was impossible, but right now we have cars that can...

Noise Pollution

As humans are going throughout their day they probably hear hundreds of different noises. Nowadays, we have machinery and devices that produce a large amount of sound. Have you ever wondered what harmful...

Why Did we Stop Going to the Moon?

Have you ever wondered why we stopped going to the moon? The moon is a mystery to us as humans, and we still have a lot more to discover about it. First off, the moon has been around for approximately...

Exploring the Sea Floor and Why it is Difficult

Over 71 percent of the Earth is made out of water. Humans have only uncovered about 5% of the seafloor. Over the many years that humans have been on this Earth, the depths of the sea remain somewhat unclear...

Upcoming AI Powered Surveillance Systems

Surveillance cameras are vital to keeping areas safe and having visual footage of what is happening at a certain place or time. The roles of surveillance cameras are to increase public safety. They are...

The GPS-Global Position System

Nowadays we use the GPS almost daily and it can become a very helpful tool when navigating.

The Amazon Rainforest – Preservation Issues

Overtime many dangers have arisen to the Amazon Rainforests.

Throwing Trash into Space?

While launching our trash into space could be extremely beneficial to us, there are 2 main problems.

History of Instrument Dynamics in Pop Music

What is your favorite pop song right now? Have you ever thought about why you enjoy them? A big part of pop music nowadays is the instrumental portion that goes into that big smash hit that everyone loves...

DON’T FALL – Slacklining/Highlining

Don't fall are the words you'll hear from everyone but people who Slackline.  A lot of the times we see people on the news Slacklining over the grand canyon or other dangerous feats that have been accomplished...

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