Throwing Trash into Space?


“Trashed Earth” by gideon_wright is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Evan Nanthavong , Reporter

Have you ever argued with your parents about taking out the trash? Well, have you ever thought about where that trash goes? Well, a trash can in fact goes to a lot of places after it is picked up from your house by the garbage truck. From the time you put the trash in the garbage can and take it out, it could be a long or short journey until the trash is fully disposed of. But, this leads to another question. How is your trash disposed of?

Trash is disposed of in many different ways. “The ways trash is disposed of includes recycling burned, and buried.” Eventually, we are going to have to use a different method of disposing of trash. This is where we get into disposing of trash into space. Disposing our trash into space has been an idea for quite a little bit. It might be a viable idea, yet we don’t know what might happen if we do. We do need a different method of disposing of trash or the Earth is going to become a giant trash can.

While launching our trash into space could be extremely beneficial to us, there are 2 main problems in doing that. Rocket launches are primarily our only way to do that. Rocket launches are very expensive. Also, humans produce a lot of trash. “According to EPA, one person can make up to 6 pounds of trash a day! The population consists of 7 billion people.

Overall sending our trash into space could be a viable technique in the future, yet for right now it is a little too far out of our reach.

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“International Space Station Over Earth (NASA, 03/10/11)” by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0