Upcoming AI Powered Surveillance Systems

Future in AI with AI-Powered Surveillance Cameras



“Surveillance camera” by Matti Mattila is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By: Evan Nanthavong, Journalist

Surveillance cameras are vital to keeping areas safe and having visual footage of what is happening at a certain place or time. The roles of surveillance cameras are to increase public safety. They are implemented in stores, events, malls, and parking lots. They have become a part of our everyday life and are in tons of places because of how useful they are. In the upcoming future, surveillance cameras might be capable of things nobody would have thought of. This futuristic device is called the AI-Powered Surveillance camera.

The AI-Powered surveillance camera is a camera that has AI capabilities. First off, AI falls on a spectrum. There are different levels of AI, and each level has certain traits. Reactive AI is the most basic out of all of these, where the AI has a certain input of information and an outcome/reaction based on the program. The highest level of AI is where the device is self-aware and individualistic intellect. The level of AI we would want  AI-Powered surveillance cameras to be at is the level called limited memory. Limited memory is when the device starts learning based on prior experiences and can make a prognosis based on information gathering. If we could get AI-Powered surveillance cameras to this level, it may change security and safety forever. Imagine a camera that could make predictions and learn based on what information it gathers. An AI-Powered surveillance camera at any level would be impressive.

“Spy Cam Surveillance Camera NSA Spying Security Camera Sign Pics by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel & JeepersMedia on YouTube #NSA #SpyCam #Spying #SecurityCamera #Surveillance #SurveillenceCamera #SurveillanceCamera #Sign #SecurityCameras #StopWatchingUs” by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

One of the benefits of AI-powered surveillance cameras is they would reduce the number of criminal cases there are in the world. Another benefit of the AI-Powered surveillance camera is that investigators would have to do less work when solving a mystery. If the camera itself could gather information and process it to make conclusions, the investigator’s job would be way easier. Another benefit would be tracking missing things like cars or items because the camera might keep remembering license plate information or details about an object without a human intervening.
Overall AI-Powered surveillance cameras might be a probability in the future as we keep improving and learning about artificial intelligence.

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