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The risks of gas stoves on the environment and individual health
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Stoves are one of the most important appliances in every household kitchen, as families use them to cook food every day. Stoves have changed over time and many families have switched from old gas stoves to electric and induction stoves. Many believe that electric and induction stoves are better for the health of people and the environment. Additionally, some states have started to debate whether gas stoves should be banned.

There have been concerns about the effects of gas stoves on the planet. Gas stoves release greenhouse gasses, as they are powered by natural gas. Even when turned off, gas stoves leak methane gas, one of the strongest greenhouse gasses with “a global warming potential (GWP)  86 times more than carbon dioxide over a 20-year time period,” according to NRDC.

white plastic container on black gas stovePeople have also started to develop concerns over the possible health risks of gas stoves indoors.  Not only do gas stoves release methane, they also release nitrogen gas. According to Harvard Health Publishing, “children living in households that use gas stoves are 42% more likely to have asthma, ” although gas stoves being the direct cause of asthma has not been proved. Some people also believe that gas stoves could cause symptoms of individuals with asthma and other respiratory illnesses to get worse.

There have been heated debates about whether gas stoves should be banned. New York has become the first state to ban gas stoves in new buildings which is expected to start in 2026. This ban on gas stoves in New York was challenged with lawsuits from gas and construction companies. Additionally, California also tried to ban gas stoves, but it was overturned in court. Some individuals think that it is necessary to lower greenhouse gas emissions, while others believe the government does not have the power to ban gas stoves.

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