The Day The Dinosaurs Died


“Dinosaur” by shvmoz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By: Elvis Pham, Journalist

On one day, there was a tiny bright spot in the sky, that was an asteroid, it kept growing bigger and brighter every week. In the morning, the asteroid was just heading for the coast near Yucatan Peninsula. It would take only two seconds to pass through the layer of the atmosphere. Once it makes contact into the shallow ocean and the bedrock below, the energy with the strength of billions of nuclear weapons will be released all at once as the asteroid vaporizes, then a giant bright white sphere would grow over the Gulf of Mexico. The thermal radiation from the explosion would travel at the speed of light which would burn everything within a radius of about 1500 kilometers in a second. The energy from the impact was so great that it pushes against earth’s crust that it would flow away like a liquid. This would create a hole 25 kilometers deep and 100 kilometers wide. The ocean would be pushed back for hundreds of kilometers. As the crust bounces back, the melted and flowing crust would form a temporary mountain stretching 10 kilometers into the sky. Thousands of material is blasted into the higher atmosphere, even going out into space. Earthquakes with a magnitude of 11 will occur that can shake lava that would make volcanoes erupt that can last for 30,000 years. The gigantic explosion would crash against the atmosphere with intense and immense violence and would cause a shockwave that reaches speeds more than 1,000 kilometers per hour near the site of the impact, which is similar to the hyper hurricanes on gas giants like Neptune. Most soils, vegetation, or animals will be shredded into pieces and catapulted thousands of kilometers away. If you liked to know more, please watch and read the video and stories in this article.