2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale



By: Henry Schofield, Reporter

The Powerhouse Ferrari

The Stradale SF90 has a twin turbo V8 engine and can travel at insane speeds. This car is the 2nd ever built Ferrari Hybrid after the LaFerrari. This car goes beyond a super car with great style, performance, and comfortability. Although it is very powerful it also focuses on performance.

Speed and Power

With a twin turbo V8 engine this car can travel speeds up to 211 mph or 339 kmh. It has 769 horsepower which makes it one of the fastest Ferrari’s. Along with the speed and power it sounds good to so not to be too loud.


This car can be found for $625,000. Although that is a lot of money it has insane speeds and a great engine. Also this Ferrari is a hybrid which saves you lots of money on gas.

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