A Robot To Weed Your Garden



By: Aisha Telhan, Journalist

Does anyone really like weeding their garden? Is it something that you rather be doing than hanging out with your friends or going out? Well I have the solution for you, a robot garden weeder!

The fabulous engineered robot is called Tertill (image to the right), it is designed to weed from spring to winter and during the rain and sun. The weeder looks for small weeds in your own garden and whacks them out using a spinning spring trimmer. “On-board sensors in the 8.25-inch round robot keep it from going astray and from hitting rocks. Unusual high camber-angle wheels put the point of support out to the edge of the robot to help prevent it from tipping over and keep them out of the way of the whacker.”

Here below is a video of how the Tertill works:

Are you now rethinking how wonderful engineering is? The engineer design process creates many products that can help human lives daily.

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