How Science Fiction Impacts Society

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Whether we notice it or not, science fiction has and continues to define our future- its impressions on society ranging from the creation of the cell phone to our perception and curiosity of aliens.

Science fiction, commonly phrased as sci-fi, is the genre of fiction based on supposed future technologies and science. Literature examples include Frankenstein by Mary Shelly and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Some people think the topic is for nerds and geeks who do nothing but theorize the idea of life being a simulation, but what they do not realize is that there is much more to its influence.

One object of the influence of science fiction is innovation. Several inventions came from the fictitious technology in science fiction, including the cell phone, which was inspired by a communication device used in Star Trek, earbuds, the idea coming from the miniature ear-piece radio in Fahrenheit 451, the depiction of aliens, and more. Much of innovation originates from science fiction because sci-fi broadens our perception of future possibilities, such as advanced technology and society. People create with a vision or goal in mind- the higher the aim, the more radical the creation will be. Sci-fi heightens these visions, therefore, increasing the level of progression.

While shifting our perception of the future, science fiction allows us to have interest and optimism for it. The idea of flying cars or living on another planet would amaze anyone, but it is because sci-fi discusses these topics while stating them as objects of the prospect that people become enthusiastic and look forward to the future. Presenting these topics in sci-fi also sheds light on possible future social implications, such as the means of cloning and extraterrestrial relationships, which allows them to be openly conversed and examined. Therefore, science fiction prepares humanity for future dilemmas while exciting people with possibilities.

Innovation, our conception of the future, optimistic outlook, and readiness for predicaments are shaped and influenced by science fiction and will continue to do so for the time to come.