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Somniloquy – Sleep Talking

What Sleep Talking Is And What Can Affect Its Occurence

According to the Center for Disease Control, 33% of adults admit to not getting the recommended amount of sleep each day. This can lead to sleeping disorders, poor physical health, and a weak immune system. However, the most common outcome is somniloquy, or sleep talking.

Sleep talking is a sleeping disorder when one speaks when they are sleeping. This occurrence most commonly happens in adolescent years. Most people, when sleep talking, speak gibberish or in short phrases. However, sometimes people talk in full sentences. While this phenomenon is very common, doctors and professionals have yet to find a definite cause for this disorder. It is thought that stress and bad mental health is a key factor in sleep talking.

It may seem that sleep talking is something that can not be prevented. However, studies have shown that there are some methods to prevent somniloquy. This includes using ear plugs, a noise machine, and limiting screens before sleep. While this disorder is harmless, if it starts to affect one’s quality of rest, they should visit a doctor and ask for help. The professionals will provide necessary treatment to ensure that patient will be limited from sleep talking and will have a better quality of sleep.

Sleep talking is a common sleep disorder experienced by many around the world. It can be affected by mental health, alcohol use, and stress. With professional help, machines, and good habits, people can limit the amount of sleep talking. This will ultimately improve the quality of sleep one receives.

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