Things to do in Jakarta, Indonesia


Although it might not be a good time to travel because of the coronavirus, it never hurts to plan travel trips ahead. Jakarta, Indonesia is arguably one of the most beautiful Asian capitals, and its beauty is only one of its attributes. Packed both with a rich history and towering skyscrapers, you won’t want to miss this city when you’re adding destinations to your travel list. Without further ado, a couple of things to do in Jakarta, along with some tips for finding your way around and basic pointers for communicating with locals.

1. Grand Indonesia Mall

Shopping in this mall can’t get any better; there are countless exotic stores to visit. When visiting Jakarta, what better way to prove you were there than souvenirs?

Tip: Wherever you go, carry cash around with you, only never make it obvious, or too large of an amount. The currency in Indonesia is the Indonesian rupiah, and a reasonable sum should be converted before traveling there. Make sure to always zip up the pockets of handbags; there are pickpockets in every city, and they usually target tourists, so act confident and protect your bank account.

2. Thousand Islands

When the weather is pleasant and sunny, the answer is outdoors! A short distance from Jakarta is 1,000 islands to spend time on. Fascinating sights can be found for both day trips and a weekend trip. When visiting a province close to the ocean, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit!

3. National Museum

The original design of this globally acknowledged museum was built in 1778, and after alterations, it became the well-known building that it is today, with over three thousand people who visit it each year.

4. Ancol Dreamland

If you are traveling with kids (or children at heart), Ancol Dreamland is the ultimate destination. It features rides, rollercoasters, displays. It is a part of,(but a separate attraction from), the massive Taman Impian Jaya Ancol complex.

Did you know? Dunia Fantasi means Dreamland in Indonesian.

5. Jakarta Ocean Dive

The ocean and pool are favorites of many but exploring the underwater ecosystems around Jakarta beats all other water-related activities; you can swim with clownfish and turtles, and take pictures in your scuba diving gear with sea anemones and coral.

Watch your language!

  • Hello – Halo
  • Goodbye – Selamat tinggal
  • Excuse me – Permisi
  • Where is… – Dimana…



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