Electric Skateboard – Project Post #1


Today we researched about the parts to create the electric skateboard. Some videos that we watched to help us are down below. We are currently searching for a motor, an ESC (electrical speed controller), and a battery.

Some pros include:

  • helps to commute
  • saving money
  • helps the environment
  • you can customize your skateboard

Some cons include:

  • cost of items
  • difficulty creating the skateboard
  • a lot of research
  • it can explode if not built properly
This is an image of how we think we will set the parts up under the skateboard.

This is a website that we used to help us get more information about the parts we need, https://electricboardsolutions.com/blogs/building-an-esk8/diy-esk8

We watched these videos to better understand the components we would need and what to look for when buying the pieces to our electric skateboard.